What Does the Word – Chiropractic – Mean?
As we celebrate National Spinal Health Month, that got me to thinking… where does this word come from?

What does Chiropractic actually mean? Do your patients know what it means?

So, let’s look back at our roots. As it turns out, our Greek roots.

The word Chiropractic is a combination of two Greek words. Cheiros, means hand. Prakikos, means practice. Or some interpretations deem it, “done by hand.”

This definition may seem insignificant to some but if you’re anything like me, this was a bit of a revelation. Yes, I’d like to think I understand a great deal about chiropractic – more than the average Joe… but, I’ve sometimes taken this word for granted.

And, sometimes taken it for granted that the patients would know what it means. Or should I say, what is stands for…

If you stop to think about it, it really is quite remarkable to have the training to put your hands on a patient and know exactly how to help them towards greater health, all thru your specific training and gentle touch.

Sometimes that simple truth gets clouded by the exhaustion and burn out some doctors experience after 10+ years in practice, or the state board test your studying for, or the employee issue your dealing with…

This simple truth is something special to celebrate and share with your patients so that they know what Chiropractic means. And, so that they can tell others about it!

So, let’s get back to basics and talk about what Chiropractic means, who founded it, what an adjustment is, when the first Chiropractic adjustment was performed, who was the first documented patient, what was restored after this first adjustment, how many different ways to adjust a patient and what Chiropractic looks like in today’s world, etc….

Whew! That’s a mouth full!

Don’t sweat it; this month’s patient education flyer addresses all of the above ideas.

We’ve done all the work for you, just print out The Meaning of Chiropractic and start talking to your patients today! Give them the flyer to take home and share with a loved one.

MyMarKit7 Patient Education Flyer - The Meaning of Chiropractic - Green

MyMarKit7 Patient Education Flyer - The Meaning of Chiropractic - Green

MyMarKit7 Patient Education Flyer - The Meaning of Chiropractic - Red

MyMarKit7 Patient Education Flyer - The Meaning of Chiropractic - Red

Enjoy this month; celebrate the special gift you share – Chiropractic!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t say it…

Chiropractic is much more than an adjustment. Education is the key to understanding health.

Education is the key to growing your practice, your new patient referrals, and your retention. Notice, it’s EDUCATION that grows a practice!

Start building relationships thru education, use this month’s flyer to get you started.

We’ve included two versions so you have a color selection. Cool greens or warm fall reds, it’s your choice!

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  1. Terribly thought provoking information about chiropractic. I have to see it many times.

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